Leading the way to help you diversify into digital and hard assets.

Learn how to invest in silver to protect and diversify your assets with Silver Stonks

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Our Story

Silver Stonks was founded by Vicente Benlloch and Teresa De Jesus in an effort to create awareness for a younger demographic to start diversifying their assets as a way to protect themselves and build wealth. The SIlver Stonks ecosystem is powered by our native token, SSTX, and makes it easy for investors to diversify into digital and hard assets.

We are specifically focused on silver, because of its utility and price accessibility. The silver market is greatly undervalued, making owning silver a great hedge against inflation and long-term investment.

Silver Stonks is leading the way to encourage the average investor to protect and diversify their portfolio. Token holders can buy physical silver on our e-commerce store, earn up to 12% APY with staking, as well as other benefits through our memberships and upcoming NFT marketplace tied to hard assets.


  • To make owning silver more approachable to a wider demographic.
  • To educate people about the benefits of diversifying their portfolio to protect and build their wealth.
  • To make it easy for the average investor to diversify into digital and hard assets.

Our Core Values

  • Leading by example through transparency and innovation, to make a positive impact in society.
  • Setting the bar for each business to bring real utility and value to the token economy.
  • Creating a community where everyone can join the adventure.
  • Delivering financial freedom through education, to empower everyone to make smart, financial decisions.
  • Fostering creativity and innovation to pave the way for the next generation of business.


Our team is working hard to reach our goals each quarter and grow our ecosystem to provide holders with increasing benefits.

Q2 2021
Assemble Team
White Paper Completion
Strategic plan
Q3 2021
Token Launch
SSTX Launch
Locked Liquidity
Silver Design & Production
Business Website
Q4 2021
Silver Market
Strong Marketing Campaign
Silver Stonks Merch Release
Q3 2022
Establish Project
Small Centralized Exchange Listing
Bring Silver Creation Process In-House
Concept for NFT Marketplace for Hard Assets
Buy Silver Products with SSTX
Q2 2022
SSTX Expansion
Token Adoption Talks with Bullion Dealers
Partner with Nonprofits Focused On Education
Expand Educational Content
Q1 2022
Silver Expansion
Expand Silver Stonks’ Products
Talks with small centralized exchanges
NFT Collection
Q4 2022
Community Expansion
Large Exchange Listing
Expand Financial Content
Grow Social Channels
Q1 2023
Ecosystem Expansion
NFT Marketplace for Hard Assets
Marketing Campaign
Q2 2023
Go Mainstream
Partnerships with Influencers
Expand Marketplace


Download the whitepaper and learn about the Silver Stonks project.

White Paper
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Our Team

The Silver Stonks team combines a passion for creating impactful businesses with industry expertise in finance, development & marketing.

Vicente Benlloch
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
Teresa De Jesus
Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer
Jose Honrubia
Chief Operating Officer
Jose De Jesus
Chief Technology Officer
David Miguel
Director of Silver Production, Europe
Jorge Quilis
Public Relations
Pablo Palau
Creative Director
Christopher Navarro
Director of Silver Production, US
Ignacio Olmos
Attorney, Legal Counsel

Silver Stonks. Diversify Into Digital and Hard Assets.