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For the first time ever, Silver Stonks is making it possible to earn interest while you hold your physical, precious metals. When you purchase silver or gold in our store, you will receive an NFT certificate of authenticity tied to your product.

This NFT not only certifies the authenticity of your precious metals on the blockchain, but also allows you to claim interest in our token, SSTX. You can use SSTX to purchase silver and gold in our store. As we expand, we will partner with other bullion dealers to give our customers more options when purchasing precious metals.



Once you purchase precious metals, we ship them to you and assign an NFT certificate that is stored automatically in our digital vault, where it generates SSTX tokens. You can use SSTX tokens to purchase more precious metals and other hard assets as we expand.


Silverback City NFT Collection

Mint your avatar to gain access to the Silver Stonks metaverse, Silverback City. You will benefit from a variety of services, including Play 2 Earn games that allow you to earn SSTX tokens, real silver and other hard assets!

What is Silver Stonks?

At Silver Stonks, we are making it easier for a wider demographic to diversify their portfolio into digital and hard assets through our precious metals e-commerce, Property Holders platform and metaverse, which is powered by our native token, SSTX. Token holders can use SSTX to buy physical silver and other precious metals in our e-commerce store and become a member to earn more benefits through staking.

Use Silver Stonks to earn passive income on your physical silver, your SSTX tokens, Play 2 Earn games and discounts with our other services our NFTs give you access to.

For more information about our SSTX token, read our complete guide on Getting Started

Why Silver Stonks?

Best Hedge Against Inflation

We sell gold and silver bullion in our e-commerce. Specifically, we are focused on silver as a hedge against inflation because of its accessibility and vast utility worldwide. Growing demand and limited supply make buying precious metals a great strategy for every portfolio.

Use SSTX for Discounts and Rewards

Use SSTX to purchase precious metals directly with SSTX. This avoids fiat currency altogether and saves you high transaction fees charged by third parties when using other cryptocurrencies. As we expand our services and add them to our developing metaverse, the utility for SSTX will grow to include other hard assets aside from precious metals. By using SSTX you will also earn rewards and cashback on your purchases.

NFTs Tied to Hard Assets

We are focused on providing our community an easy way to combine digital and hard assets into their portfolios, not only through our token, SSTX, but also through NFTs. Each precious metal purchased through Silver Stonks comes with NFT Authnticity Certificate that earns rewards in SSTX. We are also expanding into other hard assets tied to NFTs to make it easy for investors to diverisfy their assets.

About Silver Stonks


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Silver Stonks Silverback level

Earn up to 12% APY in Crypto!

Stake your SSTX and earn up to 12% APY by becoming a member and entering our silver jungle. You'll have the opportunity to become a Silverback and earn more SSTX tokens.

Silver Stonks user guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs to learn more about Silver Stonks.

What is Silver Stonks?

Silver Stonks is a company powered by its own token, SSTX, created to make it easier for a wider demographic to protect and diversify their assets. Silver Stonks is creating an ecosystem where SSTX can be used as a way to diversify into digital and hard assets. This includes our ecommerce store, where users will be able to use SSTX to purchase silver and gold products. We will expand adoption for our token through strategic partnerships with bullion dealers, our NFT marketplace tied to real estate and other features as we grow. Refer to our whitepaper for more details.

How did the project start?

Inspired by the growing Silver Short Squeeze movement, Silver Stonks was created to encourage everyone to diversify their assets in precious metals, specifically silver, because of its utility and price accessibility. The silver market is greatly undervalued, making it a great hedge against price inflation. We created Silver Stonks to make buying silver approachable to a wider demographic by creating our token, SSTX. Silver Stonks sells .999 silver and gold LBMA bars and coins, as well as other unique products. Holders will be able to use our token, SSTX, to purchase silver directly from our ecommerce, without having to convert the token into fiat currency.

Where can I buy Silver Stonks?

Silver Stonks can be purchased directly on our website or in Pancakeswap. The token is paired with BNB (Smart Chain). As we expand to other exchanges, Silver Stonks will become more accessible, on different exchanges and in different pairs.

What are Silver Stonks Collectibles?

Silver Stonks is the first precious metals producer and seller that offers an NFT certificate of authenticity for every product you buy. By doing this, your physical precious metals are also registered on the blockchain. Only the Silver Stonks wallet can issue these certificates. We built a platform where you can check the information of your NFT just by connecting your digital wallet and the best part is that you can earn interest in SSTX on your physical silver and gold that you purchase. You will be able to check your daily rewards that your NFTs are generating. Each digital certificate it’s tied to each product you buy and the technology of your NFT allows you to earn interest on your physical precious metals.

What Is Silverback City?

Silverback City is the Silver Stonks metaverse, where all the services we offer are combined in one interactive experience. Through our NFT avatars you will be able to explore the different zones of the metaverse and expand your portfolio of digital and hard assets. Earn rewards in SSTX and use them to purchase physical gold and silver, as well as pieces of physical real estate through NFTs. Earn passive income on your precious metals and real estate.

What Are Troops of Silverback City?

Troops of Silverback City are the upcoming NFT collection made by Silver Stonks. They consist of 9,999 unique gorilla NFTs that will help you fight inflation and gain purchasing power in our metaverse, Silverback City, through Play 2 Earn games, the vault, and our upcoming platform, Property Holders, the marketplace where you can buy and sell real estate tied to NFTs.

What is staking?

Staking is a way to put your money to work without having to do anything. In the crypto space it is very common to find projects that offer staking in exchange for rewards in the token that you are staking. Both parties get what they need. The team maintains holders that are interested in the project while they are developing its features and the holders get more for their money just for holding their tokens until the project reaches its full potential. Exchanges may also offer staking so they can maintain their liquidity in a particular token. Silver Stonks has several memberships for staking, up to the Silverback level, with a 12% APY as a reward. Put your tokens to work with SSTX.

What are reflections?

Receiving reflections is like receiving interest. SSTX token holders are rewarded for holding their tokens in their wallet. This is part of the transaction fee that is redistributed for every transaction made. You must hold Silver Stonks in a defi wallet to be eligible for reflections. Reflections differ from staking, in that staking is a more direct way to receive extra SSTX, whereas reflections are divided amongst all holders for each transaction.

Which wallet should I use?

You can use any defi wallet that accepts Smart Chain. Wallets like Metamask or Trust Wallet will store your Silver Stonks tokens (SSTX). Make sure that you add the token’s information correctly and that you are on the Smart Chain network. Never share your private keys with anyone.

Silver Stonks. Diversify Into Digital and Hard Assets.